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Day #1

App. 5hour of journey, with cramps and body aches
from 9.30 am till 2.45pm
in addition to the drama 
 our car experience air conditioner problem 
yet heat during holiday is a no no.

left : 
  thanks to aena for suggesting the best car service in town
* excited + awkward*
right : 
i can say 'org kuat' throughout the days,duh.

 Day #2

 VENUE : Bt. Ferringhi beach
Activities : Double sailing, Boat ride.... sand play.

below :  a taking off session by my sisters

 After lunch at the apartment
 we off to Bukit Bendera to ride
 the famous train that leads to the top of the hill.

very proud of my mom manage to challenge her fear of height

Day #3

it's our last day on this pearl island

 this is our first time (exclude my parents) on a ferry with our car.

 before going to KL, my family and i visit our relatives who live in Sg. Petani

 This furball named Neko
bigger size that Black and heavy.


since we dont spend so much time on the island
yet i can tell that you should try this one laksa
the taste is slightly
kinda unique, different in the good way
delicious as well.
how delicious rate?
we came for breakfast (8am) at
Laksa Tanjung Bungah at the Shamrock Beach
they only available on weekends and limited of time..
they mainly offer laksa n limited drinks
 but there is other options too
 to those who dont like it....
...we are 7 members all together
within the family only 4 ppl eat laksa
and within that 4 on one really love it (akira ).

so akira ate 3 bowls of laksa
and others ate 2 bowls each.
a total of 9 bowls during breakfast and
 yet we asked for another 6 bowls for take away.

that show how good their laksa, 15 bowls in an hour.

...even in the car you eat it.

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