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i got two bouquet and a scroll of unexceleny

there is no term for
but for whom that not getting any star
till there are made by her.HAHA

some part of happiness-scrool tru peeps .
 before the lost comes and ruins the joy.

29 October 2011

left : view from my mom and aina seats 
right :DR Azni gave her speech

some of my friends that my sister ter-captured :)
Yayy, for them!

 Yayy for me TOO!

THANKS MOM for giving me this chance
i owes you A LOT!
despite the money of course
i love you MAK!

 credit to aina for these ^ pictures

 thanks izzat for sharing the joy with me :)
 till this point, i'm still happy and so glad having you on my side  <3

some of my friends that share the same joy on the same day :

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