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time fly so fast ,
i just lost a friend after he lost his best friend recently,

in silent ,i still look through his page,
till now,i still in shocked,
as he once close to me (let this remains silence)

in what ever reason,
he was among us back in times,
doing fools and having fun,
im MJSC Terendak

i was in the middle of discussion at that time,
before izzat called me,
and i rejected him,
in my suprised he immidiate sent a message.

"ada budak X tdk nme
lemas ptg smlm (26/9/11),tgk dorg post kt fb"

i was in shocked,immidiate calming to myself,
this cnnt be smkind of joke,i cnt believe it,why must him?

after finish up with the discussion,rushing to my room,
search for the news,and it's true.

i hardly describe the feelings from what i read,
in simple manner i was so sad in shocked till now.

Alhamdulillah they found his body at 7.05PM on 27/9/11
may we recite and sedeqah Al-Fatihah

blog that share the same faith as i am
we lost the same person
a friend to us
a brother to his siblings
a son to his parents
may ALLAH blessed him.

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lyadyana said...

mind the grammar,hard in controls emotion and types too