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Manhattan in Subang

having dinner together with
nadira ,
and alif
wasn't our plan to go to subang actually
in coincidence of izzat wanna find me
 a new purse ,shoes or blouses ( a note for me)
brings me of the idea to visit fatin's booth store
they have nice few things that brings 
the attention to take a look around

well,i'm so fussy in finding new stuff 
but not with the old clothes that be given away by moms
no problem at all.

this bring surprise to izzat as his third visit
came back with nothing on my hands :)
sorry dear.

meeting up with the whole gang at subang,
end up having dinner at Manhattan Fish Market

it was my first time and third for izzat

not to be ashamed to say that
we are not fancy with restaurant 
so we having problems in deciding food.
Izzat and i sharing the same meal,Salmon grilled wateva
 and soup with garlic breads as appettizer.
drinking latte while eating fish wasnt a good idea,
izzat have the best drink iced peach tea

if it werent because of these angels
we wouldnt have try these healthy meals

thanks beautiful.

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