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coffee or tea?

some people say,
 to be thankful in your life
look in others rough time, 
then you should be thankful enough..

..and i say 
for critical and dramatic
and extreme situation
as per you have food and some children 
are dying not having food that can of thing
everyone will get it, and should be remind of.

but to be compare with such not a very obvious difference
like those does the worst job or worst experience ever
something that hardly compared of
it depends on people
like how you judge
 who's has the best chocolates,
  who done the pasta whatever..

we cant just make compare
between accounts and arts
nor medic and engineering

we having tough time here in struggling for the best
by stating my course or job are harder than you do, doesn't help anything
it demotivate yourself,
but looking at your job or course as a problem not a challenge!

you should be proud what are we doing, 
and i feel amaze looking into these ppl
doing job that i am not skill at.

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