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The Old Vixen

"You the one that I dream about all day

You the one that I think about always
You Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave!
My love is your love, your love is my love"
You Da One-Rihanna

while i type this the date
showed 2nd day of 2012
two days to my final exam paper
but i can't resist the temptation
to share the old diary that i had
during my final year in secondary school

i had this diary since my old diaries
(previously i have two,one in pink another in green,
sadly the green i already recycled it for good)

full of my long lost love story
my happy time during my lower form year

 i was depressed on my first upper form year
(most of it were written in the green diary)

so i decided to just 
note important things happen
less emotion
in my new diary

 and i gave it name


that year was supposed
to be the most organized 
and well-planned 

the year when i get know

Izzat personally.

Ever since I have my first diary,
I have no problem in sharing the content with everyone
most of my friends (in school year)
 had read them.

Just like This Blog.
Celebrates the 2nd Year of
Leave or live with it