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last day @ delifrance

i'm so sorry to myself and all of you to dissappoint you ppl with no updates for so long.

After i finished my diploma i decided to do part time job,at luckly i got one
at Delifrance,Great Eastern Mall.
after a quite simple interview by my manager,Iman (Raziman),
i started my job as a waiter on 28/6/2011.
working shift days or nights,
have gain me some experience of the hard life in earning money
 and times getting tougher when i have to spend more.

while working wtill camwhoring -_-"

well yesterday was my last earn day,
before i got to continue my study in Bachelor(Hons) of Accountancy.
these people i know since i was a trainee back time;
- and some on off bakers
Thank you guys and ladies for everything.

some of the pix that i managed to capture yesterday

My friend who also just quit their part time job:
Kenny Rodger's Rooster

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