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Standard ONE

7 years old

If you follow my previous posts you may
know my youngest brother ,Afif.
He is a special kid.

I'm not afraid to tell you that,
i find that it is the best thing for me to explain 
to another person,who is Afif.

It is for his best.

I mean for the age of 7,
he still need assistance and total attention
from adult.
Luckily, my semester almost towards the end,
so i can assist him to make use with his
 new schedule,
and new environment at classroom
as a standard one kid in both schools.

At his first day joining SRA classes
which start at 3pm end at 5.30pm,
my mom tell his deskmates
to friend and take care of him
(giving him responsible-sort of.)

once we leave afif's class
he began to panic because
this time he really need to do himself.

Because one thing we able to do to wait
 him at the side of the school,
for recess and in case he want to go to the toilet

we were lucky because he does not
loose himself,he able to make friends
eventhough unable to answer questions from them
and buy his own food by himself.

gOOd LucK AfiF

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