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He's suffered MILD Autism

Afif,5years old.

He's suffered MILD Autism.

he's special

the characteristic of autism that he have are:
  1. he loves something that rotates
  2. he loves to arrange objects in a line an percisely
  3. he's development is a bit slow,eg; he played or learn things like 3 years old kid as he turns
  4. he cant focus more than 30 minutes
  5. hard to know words and numerical,he just memorize it,eg;as we done teach him a story book,he actually can tell you what next even there's no book.
  6. last time he just understand what we saying but not talks any of it,just memorize evry words of it but now he manage to answer and communicates a lil bit 
conversation me and my brother

me: Afif what colour is this?
(point to a black shirt)
afif: yellow colour

me: Afif its snails!
afif:snails!(repeat my last word)
me:how many of that snails are?
(point to a couple of snails and point to a snail(as one))

me:what's ur name?
afif:what's ur name(repeat my words)

me:what's the matter
(using action to tell story on what 
had happen and then point to the bruises)

 oh yeah
back to today's experience

speech therapy class

talk softly and patiently to the person
and get him FOCUS!

he's hardly to focus

*he got token for every answer*
goodluck dearest

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