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I've been stalked for weeks

definately this is my late post,

on february i was in a bad shape.
beside facing the fact of failure in examination,
i have been stalk by someone.

i know that the word or habit of stalking
people have turn to be a hobby for some people.
well,this is not you ever imagine,not through facebook,
or spying neighbours from windows.

'HE' stalking me ,and interupting my dream.

yes.this 'he' is a mystic issue.
it takes 2 weeks for me to realise,
that 'he' been living in my body.

'he' have been 'remove' and willing to left the body.

how 'he' find me?
the last two weeks was 12th feb
and i was out with izzat to the cinema.
the hall was empty ,as we the first person that enter it.
'he' might not leave the hall yet and noticing the our existance,
and 'he' follow me back home.

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