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i am such a shy and low self esteem person,doesnt even have the guts randomly say hi and bad at chit chating with people,and to honest to keep a lie secret,to guilty to be a fake person,emotionally attached person,not even a rich person,i am such a complex person.

this is what are friends i learned about;

  1.  friends should not describe their friends as bad people.
  2. friends should keep their bad mouth on their own
  3. sacrifices are not the things to be tell about
  4. money is not any matter
  5. hygiene are far most important,not the style
  6. boyfriends are friends too,not a husband
  7. titled people as BEST FRIENDS is not an easy things
  8. not some your friends are the best friends,all of them are,thats why they still bear to talk and hangouts with you
  9. if your bestfriend have another bestfriend,dont be such a griddy,it is your bestfriend's life,you have yours,be friends is not a big deal
  10. friends can be enemy,but enemy hardly to be friends
  11. friends should warn their friends bad manners,not as a gossip topic
  12. people developed,bear your friend changes.
  13. called people by bad names does make them feel bad,eventhough they are their bestfriends,if it is a joke,say sorry and tell them you just take it a joke,no one knows whats breaking inside there..
  14. friendsblessing not destroying friends' happiness
  15. friends always encourage friends to get on their track,not to mislead them
i'm just saying ,anyway i miss you ppl <3

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