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i'm gonna do it.

i have decide this along time ago,

considering this will be giving impact to my relationship
sayang,i hope you understand this

considering what view you all will be give to me
every person have their own movie and series of life
so bear with me,in any words that i may throw out here,
it's all stories of the past,and that's was my opinion in past,
and now those are changed as so are we,admit it.
every person that i met in my life does give an impact on my behaviour
way of thinking,either positively or bad,it is already an impact,
i'm sorry,coz i am such a spongy person.
all what i might share with you in future might kills your perception on me,
i am very sorry,but this is what love,friends and hatred thought me for this 20years

all i see now and always in that mirror is a phathetic girl.
i hardly find and spark in that girl,such a loser huh?
let say,there might be a story on why i make it a war from maybe be
in your position you didnt see it,how thats three words you always use on people become a heartbreak on you :) i am just applying from who i absorb from,think again.

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