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there's no means friends.

recently i have these same problems with friends

i hardly involve in group,as i giving my opinion
no one even care to respond even dont even care to hear about it
this is work group people
give me space,i have my words,do i have to follow yours only

i have such annoying tone,not the seewt lullaby,not the high pitch,not the flirtish tone
but the no emotional tone when i am sharing story and chit chahappennitting
i warned you i bad in these stuff
yes,what you always expect people listen to you
exspecially so called friends stuff,i am such a boring person am i?
thats why i decide not to talk frequently,
because what i tought is absence make heart grew fonder...

it is like scratches in my head to think of what do friends do and i cant make it as usual

i love to make everyone are special to me,i do....
too close with friends makes more complicated
my mom doesnt trust friend,so how am i gonna make a deal with it?
like visiting friends house,hangouts,buying presents,and other friends do..
all i have to do it secretly,it is not means my mom againts friends,
it is hard for her to trust friends...so i have to cut it down so i didnt break so many hearts out there

often heard bad mouths came up after i am unable to join their friend stuff,
if they were my friends they should under stand what i have been through
i am totaly honest when i tell i love you..thats why i dont tell that personally.

i am very sorry
if you are my friends,they will not fakely understand that
i have complexity in handling friends
as the traumas,and so ever..

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