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Bukit Tinggi,Pahang

Date : 26 January 2012
Fee per entrance* :
 RM16 (adult) 
RM 8 (children)

Colmar Tropicale

free walks through the 16th century of
 northern-eastern village.

there's also hotels, entertainments 
and restaurants around here.

*for hotel guest will be get exemption for the entrance fee.

Japanese Tea House

One can choose
to ride on shuttle or drive own car

both have to stop at the the foot hills
with 10 minutes walk up the steep
to the japanese tea house.
*not advisable for elderly*

shuttle fee : FREE
time : Max every 30minutes

Kimono fee: RM20 for 30 minutes

for futher information : 
please refer to
Cuti Malaysia


Yana Libra said...

wah..menarik~~~ :)

p/s:teringin nak g sana, tapi bugdet tak mengizinkan..hehe~

Yana Libra said...

dah follow awak juga~~~ :D