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Belated Birthday Surprise Party

Date: 13 January 2012
Time range:5.30-7.00pm
Target : Aena & Dell

we have planned this suprise long before,
but haven't decided the date yet.

the full draft plan being discussed the night before
the manager for the project is kash and nad,
so, i don't know how the idea came up
 to held the party the next day. 

all i know is suddenly i got to text messages
 at the same time but different numbers.
it is from akasyah.

my mission was to escape from aena and
 avoid from aena knowledge of any suspicious things happen

My plan the next day was going to the bank.
After having breakfast with aena in the morning
i spend the whole of my day at the bank waiting for my turn,
from 11am to 3pm.

as i arrived at my hostel room,usually,
after a tiring day,i would have sleep the whole evening.
at that time, coincidentally all my roommates fall asleep
including aena.

the funny part is 
after i changed my clothes to lie down,
and just realise that everybody sleeping,
i changed my clothes back and went out.

i spent my evening in kash and nadira's room,
just literally opposite to my room
and hide my shoes inside the room.

at 4:19pm, a wild message rang the phone
it was aena:

aena: ko g mane?
alia: aku kat lua lepak2
aena: dgn sapa? dgn moto ? gilaaa
alia: sorang je. hahahhahaha.
aena: gilaa punya olang. ko lepak kat mane
alia: aku dkt pakli..kalau ko nak kua makan ajak aku taw.
aena: gileee.. alang2 ko kat sane m tlg bungkuskan 
aku nasi goreng tak nak sayur kat hakim.
 kita makan di bilik. blh?
alia: boleh2,ko nak sekarang ke?
aena: xlah. nt la bila ko dh balik. xpyh letak telur.

yes,i lie to her.
i was so desperate at that time.
after the event done,
i tell her everything.

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