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Mak Datin's Stories

after event: i have story to share.

sorry in advance,
i just want to share my experience 
and to note me in future about this kind of experience

so sad to heard this but it's quite true
these one datin
have to organize a religious event
 they having trouble to find guests

i'm talking about majlis doa selamat,
let me note you this,
i'm live near to kuala lumpur,
i never knew how majlis doa selamat really be held,
all i know that we have to prepare food and baca yassin,
and i always been to a lucky family,which their husband,
are able to lead the event with their close friends surround him.

This is my first time realise that what if, the man are unable to lead,
or worse thing they having trouble in contact with the mosque people,
worser if the mosque near their place are not active with activities.

so,this datin i dont know why,
but she having trouble to held the event at the first place,
moreover the event are not being held for many2 years
the she ask her friend to help her,
and this friend ask her other friend to join the event
and try to lead the event.

somehow the other friend is my ustazah and my mom's friend,
she ask my mom to join her to recite yassin with my other teacher,
without knowing the actual reason-to lead the event.

my mom telling me her plans for these few days left before the school starts
that i interested to join her,
then we get note from ustazah to wear green,without knowing why.

waiting for others without knowing anything

after all the people join the convoi gather,
In my surprise that there's three cars packed with ladies in light green baju kurung!

the marhaban with tuan rumah

then i know they were marhaban group,
and indirectly we joining marhaban too!
we leading they event!
we save the event!

i used to follow my mom to events,
because i love the enviroment,
sorry to say i'm there usually
will not giving any help directly,
but today i already did!

and since this evening
i still cant figure out why 
people make fun marhaban groups
without them do you able to lead the event?
by joining them,besides gain the goodness,
we will able to lend hands to each other too. 

there's one lady at the event,
mention there were her friend trying hard
to find guests and people to lead 
their doa selamat,unfortunately,
fail, as most of the
 guest invited they were shy to step into the event.

that's my mom in bright blue

Marhaban is not for old ladies,
apperently it is better for the men
come on guys protect the ladies,
lead the family as a real man.

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