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Are we really agree back then?

We tend to mention this word in any arguments. 
Are we actually willing  
to share the same country back then?
I don’t know,
 these are my random thought.
Because from what I observe,
 I don’t think it happen in willingness,
 it’s like we have to so we get the country free.

M-C-I-and others
Why we also tend to unmentioned the ‘others’,
 I was like, are they also really in our country?
Bumeputre-M……,oh, and ‘others’..M and ‘others’..’nativesl’ especially.
 we acknowledge other country and their citizen so well!

(continue with your favorable country)

More sadly, what if they get in our country and
 get rid those you don’t like and make new social contract,
 what do you say? 
Are you Happy??!

For example..
There’s many Indonesie children(New M)  got the title as M 
after so many of them married with M guys.
.Wow you are happy M moms.
 Even my dad join the wagon,
Oh then you Talking about M rights.
 Now where’s the rights goes to actually.
There so many Genius M out there trying to protect the M ,
 unfortunately the new M are struggling hard to grab the chances
 the old M dies in mad fun life. 
Mixed really are genius.
Ok,I’m out of words. 
my random talks.
 Do comment if you have your own opinion
 I can post that for you.

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