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saya ikhlas cik

we were having 
such a splendid normal day
despite celebrating 
Hari Raya Aidiladha.

waking up late,
after a long night alone,
watching randoms Youtube music video :/
not in the mood for breakfast,
share some pictures of my diploma convocation day
too late for Pasar Muhibbah
decide to go to Jusco by noon,
comeback empty handed unlike my sister have few of hers
assist my mom to Hero
and the front left tyre were flat when we came back to the car.

panic-not me.
searching for solutions,
i immediate asking around,
"Do you know how to change tyre?"
till i lead to this guy replied,
"Do you have everything to assist me?"
"YES, definitely."

it was though for him
as the bolt were secured by machines
he tried for almost 4 times, Alhamdulillah,
and success were on his side and
 Thanks to ALLAH for helping us.

my mom pass him few ringgits for reward as appreciation
for his hard work of course
in her surprise,he refuse and said
"takpe cik saya ikhlas!"

i tried to pass to him but he insist to reject it.
what a guy.May ALLAH  bless him.

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