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if you ever saw my RHB blue bag

instead of enjoying my
convocation last Saturday (29/10/11)
i lost all the valuable things in just with 
3 hours of happiness

i dunno why and why 
why must i have to live in hard time
so i can have everything i love
may this have such abundent of hiqmah
as i broke my mom heart tru this lost

 the blue RHB bag is more valueable than inside my clutch
i lost it-maybe
 i leave it inside the larger purple bag while i'm on the stage
i drop it somewhere while i'm in hurry

but 100% i have trust in myself that
 i am make sure everything is safe inside the bag
without letting in out and carefully put it back inside the back
carefully put the back down and
pick it up

only Allah know why oh why

the lost  of
Victoria Jackson makeup survival set - cost me RM165 last 2 months
compact foundation powder Silkygirl  -cost me RM16* last 4 months
brand new eyeliner from Avon-RM10
my favourite heart loving bracelet -a present from my mom cost her rm5** last two years at PWTC
another favourite bracelet-a gift from my aunt as she came back from Sabah for us to wear last raya
an old blusher

that all that i can recall what's inside the blue RHB
enough to broke my heart
i cant bear anymore.

i spent 3 days to search this thing all around UiTM
and it doest pay the worth price
i cant stop being guilty
i'm the one that bad wolf here.

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