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sixteen may two thousand and eleven

i bet you all know the largest 
animal in the world is the blue whale
and if you esclopedia geeks might share me answer
the largest animal during the stone ages......

did you know 
the biggest size of font
in blog is the 'largest'?
that is my stupidiest question

actually i'm searching any larger font size than that
but i failed

 maybe i do need guru for blogging
yes,i do my blog for all this while by my own way
but then i find that my performance stagnant till today
not improving at all

 speaking of guru today
the idea of searching in the larger font is to deliver this message :

we celebrates 
the community that help us everyday
in speaking,knowing,writting,improving and so on
well everyday is our learning days
to all teachers; 
umi,lecturers, trainers, guru, tutor,ustaz&ustazah, family and friends

every inch of learning and experience,
Thank You




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