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i'm not robinson

currently busy.
not a status means that i cant  get my usual nap of 2hours and my usual sleep more than 8.

home,i gonna be my siblings mother.it is my moter will off to Makkah for Hajj.
besides few problems that comes supprisingly and even the current problem still unsolved for almost 10 years.

colleges,just got back from ALC.i mean within this month.i get knws new friends and put me in the clearer enviroment about of my society.ya right.Danish told me not forget to mention him in my post.he one of the 8 juniors that representing that cant make it for ALC.it's politic act.ignore it.Just had our latest meeting besides ACCOUNTANCY DAY.ahahaha.it would be FABULOUS.i just dun care how hectic would be this sem but this one is in my waiting list.ahaha.a list of activities plan by AFTAS puncak.get ready to grab the chance and fill your coupon card.

friends.not most of you.but almost all.please appology me coz u hurt me that badly.hope it heals sooner.

pictures to scrool.

she is the latest cousin.

senang jadi budak,susah kena marah je.
thanks for treat
present for Kasha,while Aainaa give me hairclip thanx <3

my eldest cousin wedding.
 above:availabe*with GF*


below:meeting AD

syiling bilik adik jatuh.
rumah da buruk.

below:ketiadaan kerja.

"your topic is boring change to more controvertional,"sir BEL

petang khamis LAW at 4 to 6
sgt mengantuk mata pun kabur.

Kokurikulum masih di surau tp bkn family institution tp pengurusan msjd pulak

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