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its where's AisKacang born!

drive to Melaka
visit sis at londang
havng lunch at klebang
and then off to Johor

discovered this one practiotic house at Melaka
they decorates their house with colours of the national flag!

"i'm not sure whether we decorate it or not,
and i also not sure what for these decoration are,
coz i had fell down last time and i cant remember any,"
said the uncle on that day

continue the journey and 
my mom suggest to yong peng first
and we discovered this place
at rengit

azhar food supplies
 credit to:cikgu zuhaimi for the guide

heaven of snacks!!!
 at lowest price with best quality :)

also sells several cakes,eg;sarawak cakes.

woke up at one of my relatives house

nothing to do here
its family time
then we gone check in into tune hotels
at 3pm and relax for a while
while that i snap several of this pix


we visit our may-not-that-related grandmom
she put aside some of the albums of pix 
and we collect our all pix out

 *thats me*

so then AIS KACANG time!
at tepian tebrau


breakfast at bandar baru uda

dont take it simple
this place is very hyginic
not from what we see
its what they practice!!!

they put all the utinsels in hot water(that freaquently changed)
every time after wash!

they wash all the dishes with water flows 

their food wohooo,..
homemade recipe i can tell it from what i taste

their drinks also not too sweet as others that always did
thus,i love it

two of the workers are schools kid

* bon appetite!*

 while we were eating
 the kitchen crew work shouting their team shouts
sorry,i cnt recall what but
its forto increase their spirit to keep on work


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