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i was like 5-7 by that age

my mom told me when i was young;

"when u grow up,u must be a lawyer?",
"mak,if the lawyer have to defends bad guy,or failed to defends good guy,how mak?",
"its sins for him,so,u have to be a doctor and you should study harder",
"doctor have to do with screwdriver mak?",
"no,its engineering",
"i want to be one...mak,where all these people learn from anyway?was they learn from a teacher like you?",
"sort of...",
"ok, my second choice,i want to be like you",
and i walk a way.
she still worries that i will stuck to be a teacher like her,
so she make sure i'm in the same feild but not like her.

i love you mom.

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