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19teen starts today.

born on 26JUNE year of goat.
at 3.15pm.

thanks for the wishes:
  1. Marissa Aliah
  2. Zura Azhar
  3. Nur Aainaa
  4. Izzat Adzhim
  5. mom
  6. Siti Nabihah
  7. Akasyah Nasruddin
  8. Aqila
  9. Mas Mirra
  10. Atikah Hanna (thanks for the video,so cute)
  11. Lohghinee Krishnan
  12. Nur Amelia
  13. Mazni Ariffin
  14. Rahim Aziz
  15. Fatihah
  16. Azri
  17. Fakhri
  18. Liyana Adinan
  19. Nuruddin Afiq
  20. Zulaikha Azmi
  21. Zera Syahira
  22. Azihanie Mahmood
  23. Syuhada Abd malek
  24. Zuliana
  25. Amirul Rosli
  26. Danial Azim

presents from family have been
given earlier even before june comes

others: not yet (not expecting anyway)

erm so you may see the cake that
baked by my sister yesterday
(for her first time)

a cupcake :) ahahhaa

actually the cake is this look a slice that left at Canoobre Restaurant.

thanks mom :)

a story to share :

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