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I'm Back!!!

well, hello ladies and gentlemen...
it quite long time
since the last time I update my blog, 

well still upset about that,
however I have faith that,
there is reason behind in every downturn,
I miss you guys
Marissa,Siti Nabihah, Zera, 'Ain...and the list go on.

I am currently,
on internship with an audit company
(will update the name once i finish my internship program)
a small firm in Ampang area.

to date, it has been 2 months..
yet I have learn lots
experiences of
having fun of learning
and networking,

bore of working?
it's normal to be bore of working 
under people or doing other people works

but if I'm taking the situation like that....
I'll be dead by the end of the month already!
dead of depression and boring-ness!

this is what I learn from senior staff
they are not looking forward for other things
 as much as learning,a good team building ,
they are good teachers too

i am bit exaggerate bout them,
still in excitement mood....

basically what i do
as a trainee
are do some :
  • statutory auditing
  • account auditing
  • draft and finalize report
  • tax computing for audit purposes
the enjoyment starts with 
your heart.

if you do it for Allah
there's no doubt in enjoyment of learning during internship.

here some photos
during external audit :

more will be updated soon enough !

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