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I am very upset with government classes for disable kids.

Afif used to know all the alphabets and able to relate with object initial name,
He also able to remember numbers up to 50 and count up to 20 very well,
His memory used to be very sharp on event and lesson.

since i have to start my semester earlier this year,
he was left on charged with his preschool all alone,
his siblings including myself busy on our semester preparation and,
my parents very busy to earn for our colleges fees and the needs .
in our free time,we do try to teach Afif, just to refresh on certain,
which we assumed he learn lots after months in the school.

Day by day,
week by week,
we do some practice,
do B-A =BA , B-U = BU..
later and later, after i finish my semester,
i ask him to answer some questions,
in his previous preschool book,
it was colour with given answer,
to write RED was a hard task 
even though there is answer below.

he used to be able to relate with those answer,
as i spell out the word by word.

well,he is not.
this disappointed us as he cant even recalled and spell out alphabet properly,
even have problem to jot down the word without referring to the answer given.
he don't know his T and what is S ,plus how a small A looks like, which one is Q.

I am very upset with the class.
He is a smart boy, very smart.
Excited in his learning, 
and committed on task when things doesn't come in his way.
why are you wasting his talent,
we born we super-talent!

every month we keep on,
telling his teacher and the coordinator,
to revise their way of teaching,

and what they say,
"Parents should be the one doing all those..we just helping here."

as third party i shall say
"WTH, so when the boy earn well,
 you gain all the credits,
by says we the one teaching 
all those during teh tarik time"

They have no heart at all.

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