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involuntary morning excersice

Today I have Test Exam for Costing during the class hour,
The class start at 8am.

Last Night,
I spent the whole night,
for my last minute preparation for the test,
and i was asleep at 6am today.

The moment i woke up,
It was already 8.30 am,
so i have to make a BIG RUSH HOUR.

by mean,
i have to prepare my morning a lot faster.

I have to take the shower,
to poo,
to brush my teeth,
to dress, and
to heat the the engine
to climb the stairs to level 11.

I am still late.
The rush hour became worst as i left my watch in my room,
 i cant predict the time ticking.

By the time at level 11 i can't feel my legs anymore,
I had asthma but i didn't bring the pump
i didnt bring any cash to buy drinks
my head spinning....

 i'm still lucky
cause  i able to make it to the class
the lecturer stuck at level 1 due to lift problem.

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