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i'm lame-SO WHAT!

Am I that lame?
I feel like,
 it’s time for me to get rid the
 feeling to mixed around with girls..

the girls talk, 
comment on guys
 buy fancy clothes…

well I have no space for that anymore.
 I have 
‘no time’ for that.

Another thing,
 I’m not best in anything-I guess,
 I just love things 
but not master in it.
Be in among the best girls,
 I feeling down
I even look down to myself.
 I have no talent at all.

Poor in speech
Poor in writing
Bad Communication
Shortage of money
I’m Fat and Round Faced.
Huge feet.
Old Clothes.

Every day I wake up,
 I feel like

What is the reason for me to dress well
 if I turn bad in public?
I never get the stage, 
always in the lime light.

I literally see some eyes disgust
 looking at me, 
making faces.
What am I?
 Am I deserve that way?

Sometimes, I was accepted with warm hearts and 
they ditch me when they have enough friends.

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