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Field Work

It hard for us
since our project were end of the year
some of us having trouble
some of us make it easy enough
others are still on dial

Actually this was our first field work
where the requirement
we have to approach related person
 to be interview and gain inputs
for our output that will be submitted 
on 2nd December

Since our topic related to
and the question sort of like
e service for the greater public accountability
We tried several 
municipal council, zakat center, myeg..
it turns out,a headache results

thanks to one of our group mate
we manage to get positive replied
from Selayang Municipal Council
As soon we got confirmation 
We drove there.

eventhough we having a tough times
when the department we make appointment with
are unable to answer our question,
and we've been direct to others departments
and Alhamdulillah, at last the problem solves.

Thanks to Kash Aena Nadira Dell Amy Ana and
 lectures that forgives us for escaped their classes
here some pictures after the success :

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