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dara berduri sedap

photo takdekenemngene: durian sedap~

well today i gained some idea,
which not i gonna share for today,
but from an idea,i got to post this to you,
it's about breast.

 and why it is so sensitive as you read the word,
because you have there is convoitise in yourself to know
even you are a women and
even pervert you can enjoy it by yourself 

but how sensitive you are 
when the doctor comes to you and tell you that
today onwards,you will be
experiencing either
major surgery, radiotherapy, daily lots of medication, chemotherapy........
and so on.
how strong you would be
looking in your future and thinking over bout
the impact to your family,your future,your dreams

well there still hope,how hard could that be?
and why are all of you have no sense to
do the regular check up?
do you think that your body have the same strength of antibody as your grandiss
my grandiss already celebrates her almost 90

pening sikit pun nak berpanadol
asma pun berpam2
belum demam pun dah telan antibiotik

i'm 20years and 2 days old
 and i am ready for it
just hand over the money so i can start the mammogram,
or maybe just do my own.

*susah betul nak cakap open yelah,kan pumpuan,who scare?*

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