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i miss my free time.

it was hectic.
well,if you guys seiously see how i am doing
you shall say,"thats a lie"

well,it just a reason,
when i am in stress
i easily given up on what i'm doing

i skip classes,
not answering any test
aim lowest for carry marks

because i think that i what i deserve
i dont have space out there

when things comes almost the end
i realise things arent that bad
and i am not that dumb
i'm smart
the bad is i always be lazy,a bum.

i am feel very sorry to my friends

i know that i'm not doing the task that you guys allocates
excellently,and takes everything easy.

well gladly the marks are allocates individually,but my fault.
food is my friend while i'm stress- now, imagine my weight ;)

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