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Technically its for 
Association of Fast Track Accounting Students events
the fashion theme is islamic fashion show,

well basically its a base to show creativity of the students
in dressing a new style!

which obviouslly not copying other people style
Hana Tajima
err..who else?!
i'm bad at these..

in order to participate
we need to have models
both;a hottie and a guy :)

and a great speaker.
our speaker on the left :hazmi

THESE are the picture how we dress up
for the first round: 
Kazakhastan and English mix style

(i will updated more for the guy pix later)

the hall are basically using fan
and during the event they switch off the fan.
feel the heat man!

we managed to get to the top 5
with the highest marks among them
which bring us to the next round!

 Our speaker
have been in preassure for the next round
at last gladly we came up with 
the emparor chinese costumes**

well actually,it is more proper but the model cant stand
the heat of the hall so they change up 
right after the got down the runway
thank you AFTAS for the first prize:
RM90 jusco Voucher ,
a large hamper and 
a bouqet of flowers

** anyone intrested to hire the (guy) emporor costume
please leave your message in my facebook :)

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