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you can put the blame on me ;)

 you may say this is just another just create attention trough symphatic post;
i just dont care,but this is my post,in my position what am i feel ...
truely,i am not good in being friends with people,as not people saying as how people treat me for example;
what did you feel,when you were in your group,oftenly,you ask question,opinion and gives suggestion,but no one bother and the other members, everyone cares,does that means anything?
its hurting!
however thats is how you will be suffered if you in my shoe,i am nothing. 
no money,no confidence,no humour sense,no gossip,no time,no freedom,no figure,no uniqeness
nothing to share.

so on top of all,just put the blame on me,so you will be happy
i'm glad you do.

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