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i dare myself to handle this.-2004

i was 13teen
my first year at the hostel
but this story was before i went into MJSC

obviously no one there to scold me
and thats when i turn any whites into reds

i was total innocent
doesnt mean i am the smart ass here,

i only get with friends that doesnt judge ppl
really telling me how am i gonna fix myself
not scold in front ppl and bad mouths about me arounds

 oh...i was still wonder how am i gonna mix with friends on my on
if having bF will make your friends have attention on you
so there's i know this guy ,he was a big mouth at that time,
he was totaly small,always with his bestfriend Qayyum,as moral support
Qayyum have sister in the school who are so close with me,
her sister ,Fajar,was the one that very nice with me :)

about the guy,i hooked with him,
personaly he is bad at this,i doesnt expect anything,
i am totally sincere with him,to be friends is enough
but he doesnt even show anything
i mean the care that they always talking about that time,naahh forget it
even goodbye for my leave..
all i got was BERAMBUS!
does that means he just playing around,so do me afterwards

there's no close friend between a guy and a girl,i hate that,
then i bought him a rose,after i leaved it was on his table,

and i'm win.TRUE STORY.

doesnt ,make sense anyway...
 that was what i am thinking back then
did i told you i am a spongy person i always changes within
enviroment so dont be suprises if the story sounds strange with my personality.

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