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hello the 2nd day of 2011

2010 left me.
i still have no idea why but i hope
2011 would be great.

2010 left me with an emergency alarmed for johore
my grandfather was breathing heavily on 30th morning
he got his third strok ;(
seem that he wont be long with us i guess
still in coma,but doctor barely help him
so he being sent back home
i miss him,somehow.

as soon we got back to KL
we being alarmed by an ambulance
from my neighbour house,we assume that
the old day got sick,but she was quite okay from
what we see through the window
and the next day, a lot of ppl crowding at her house
we being told after we arrived at the mosque that
pn sabariah had left us peace ;(

from top of all,alphazeg cash vouchers was spilled by water ;(


what do 2010 left me?


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