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CSI Malaysia

 I broke my hand once.
actually,in anatomy term,
it is my metacarpals that was broke (correct me if i am wrong).
both of the two end,of my right hand's metacarpals
was hit by a blade of a CEILING FAN.

guess you wanted to know how much it is hurt..

in a second it is hurt me painfully
like you have to force yourself punch wall in full of strength
after the second,it's all numb.
typical bleed looks from a cut.
unless,i try to move my finger,make a fist i guess
wooo..thats super dark blood.

i was at the scene,my friends' room and dorm,actually,
to wait for a phone call from my former SBF,
as i waiting,
they were having spring cleaning,
so everywhere was slippery by soap and water,
and i waiting on one of my friends' bed,
my friend,in that moment asking for someone favour
to help her to change her bulb,
and i feel that as i was free in that moment
in my honour to help her,
by stand on her table and changed it,

the work done,while i'm busy changing the bulb,
somehow i quite didn't realise how close the fan with me,
in order for me to get down from the table
i have to jump,and that was the accident is all about.

"our heroin here; is risking her life." by rumours.

 a lil' entertaiment for all of you.i bet you this is worth.

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