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2 Saudi Riyal

recently my mom bought us,hair nets

it is actually my brother's request for him
to cover his head
when he goes to pray,and it will not fall
off his head when he bends for rukuk and
it will quite disturbing.
and what we thought is this:

after my mom got back from hajj
all she found is this:

after my brother saw this,he denied the request
then he choose to wear this:

andi  intrested with the hair nets..
both plain white and plain brown
coz it works with my hair
while i'm doing my work

so my hair wouldnt disturb me no more

as i am so in love to use this daily
then in few days the the knit is untie

the solution is: knit them back
owh i never mention to you that i have intrest in knitting
my mom teach me how,as my mom have done lots.
i have done two phone case which one 
with siti nabihah mustafa and the other lost in my hand.
and that was 3years ago (i guess).

and whatever it is i have to knit them back
still in basic skill of course,
and i am using one needle only,and not ready yet to use two.

wish me luck :)

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