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McD is Gross

 Im eating with my siblings at McD Ampang
I ordered some food with minute maid
When im enjoying my food 
i take a sip at my drink
and i found out the contain of minute maid are 
not juz taste orange but 
well, i thought im being paranoid after watch a lot of bloody movies
so i told my sis to have a taste of minute maid
she almost faint after drink it
well, juz imagine someone blood flow inside ur drink
maybe when they manifacture the drink
someone accidently cut his hands or someone accidently fall inside the blender
yikes, bloody
anyway , i told the manager about the drink
but hey! they dont even CARE
she juz gave me replacement for the drink 
i cant imagine how much people drank the drink 
without even realise the blood taste
So, people dont drink MINUTE MAID at MCD AMPANG
unless u want to be vampire or u are vampire

Aqila F.

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