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i love you as much as you hate me

lately, there's someone keep 
bugging me in formspring.

it is not the matter that why he/she asked
are those are question or more refering as
an argument question?

dont you feel shy to do sobecoz i love to answer your question dear,
even it has obvious answer.

back to the first two pics
this person i may say that
he/she is too chicken 
to reveal who he/she are..
you know what type of person he/she 
is exspcially if you actively stalking 
ppl's comment,and you would might
wondering or swearing(if you do) 
what the hell is this
anoymous/guest/no so a name person is too 
chicken to write in their real names?
and obviously like a scarty cat,act brave but too chicken to do so hahaha.
it is not in the region with no law on weapons to keep
seriously we wouldnt care to kill  you,it just waste of time,
plus of course it is Allah's job.

Thank you to that person and you too
you just make my life become merrier to answer you question
i love you for supporting me anyway ;)

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