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tough day.

0000-reading LAW as i asleep in the class before and i need understanding in what is agency actually

0100- i dun really do wake ppl,but he asked and i have too. so i call izzat,alert him about today test,and i asleep.
0743-my hp rings 'through my window',as a sign  my mom's call,asked me about yesterday message about today duty and my tests.continue my dream.

 0905-shock awake as i thought i missed my 10am class.continue dreaming.

0935-awake as my roomate open the door to the toilet   in my thought she gonna shower first.asleep.

0948-still no sign of her,get her shower.asleep.
1000-awake as she asked me to get shower for class. i was packing to go back plus try to ready for shower.

1005-shower and business

1015-get dress while packing again.
call my aunt.

1100-finish packing and go to class.
but first send BEL essay first.

1200-class finish.get test paper and a relieve got A- rather than before F

1215-get the stuff to stuffed into car

1230-away to k.jaya

1330-arrived safelyto meet my aunt and sign some agreements

0400-duty finished off to ampang.
0415-get into the wrong way,lost how to get back.see ampang!
0430-pay rm1.60 for using LITRAK
0440-on the way to batu caves???
oh my...what the hell this is not ampang.
0500-into sri gombak not yet ampang hmm
0515-became worry about jam at 5.30,hey zoo negara!
0530-keramat,taman permata,wangsa maju...hmmm..almost2

0540-jam!!!oh i hope it moving...near bukit antarabangsa.

0600-hurray...i'm home!!

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