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last tuesday
i went to national library for research
but most of the best books are not 
on the shelves.upset me. 

then after i got home,
i found that all our old books
being junks due to 
TERMITES attacks
so here they are
the horrible situation 
we face on

my study room turn 
to be a mess due
the dissaster termites.

the next day
i met my only
sister-in-law from china
at my aunty's house

she married to my cousin
and having two adorable girls
afiqah and alia ;)

 alia and alia
 recently i continued to my
high school routine which wearing
bedak sejuk
it does works for teeange way
better than using facial mask
it dries your pimples
without leaving scars
highly patient and continuous usage 
 will show results

the bad news from me is
recently i weight 66kg
which cause me overweight
my best weight is 55kg 

beleive me thats was my best weight

to family,friends,followers
out there could you help
through this by giving the best idea
for me,i dont want any product to be used
coz the site effects does kills me

my weight increase maybe due 
to surgery,

hormon pills,


or i just love to eat.

till this date all i know is
by eating bihun,fasting ALONE
and drinking lots of plain water
will help me lots,plus bulimic.
hope so.
any suggestion?

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