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lahir-lahir dah merdeka.

do we independent enough?

4 years later my dad born,
9 years later my mom born,
34 years later i'm born,

all of three us born after the
independent day

between three of us
my mom knows better about
 history of Malaysia.

i was patriotic girl,
support Malaysia's leaders
support Malaysia's teams,
support Malaysia's cars,

support Alex in F1
support Sidek's Family
support Malaysian Art
proud ride on Proton Saga,
Proton Iswara,Perodua Kancil,
Love the Petronas Twin Tower.

but it is not the same now,
as our leaders keep fighting and pretending
it is not the way i look when i am a lil girl
that's a why,
when Malaysians keep complaining
not helping in mproving,
making a loss in gov. expenditure
not apppriciate what being provided,
 you are actually not appriciate what are you paying for (tax ofcoz).

arghh...so much of things
that change after Merdeka.
the spirit,the unity,the prespective
because it is not a Merdeka after all.

everything would be mean to it as
long as how you handle about it together.

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