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weird b0dy modification

ouh,this post as a whole about the world most weird body modification
it is HARAM in Islam of any modification made
i know i am not qualified to says more but 
there's not wrong to share knowledge,rite?

it is to show how stupid people become  nowadays
as the world are towards the end and i'm still searching for best

anyway stay tuned o___0

 this is called human branding
using heated iron and may be the most painful of body modification
the iron is hot enough and applied to skin long enough
with creating 3rd degree of burning wound (aarrrrgghh!!!)

 it's called corneal tatooing
ok such a shit
corneal tattoing is being as trend as not all
of people can wear or would love eye lens
could you imagine if the doctors accidently pressed to his eyes.
it would be horrible pain..

hey you have pointy ears
just like elves...ahahah
he ask the doctor to cut his eyes  and modify it.
they said that this modification not just enhance the attractiveness
but also improving his experience in listenining to music.
whatever just the fact that you want to attract you customer
to modify their ears but you're not

body suspension
more like to piercings but using fishing hook!
 corset piercings
looks bitch
and painful
chains of piercings along the  corset line

guess what
he cut his skin to form scars
fiery red  of meeeeaaatttt!!!

tounge bifurication
cuts the tounge to the center
to ensure the both tounge move independently
more like alien than coolness!!!
the worst of eva!
inserting objects under skin
which would forming what ever they like
by inserting several sizes with severals meetings
the risks ais skin irritation as the skins are strecthing.

being smart is not just in the world but
in the core of heart :)

judge it yourself

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dylakamil said...

wow! aku baru tahu pasal ni semua. especially yg pasal mata! OMG!