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oh yeah i'm in malaysia not malaya.

while i driving today
fetching my siblings and my mom
i just realized that
as i growing up
from a kindergarden,primary,secondary and university

i become lesser mix with other races

1.      kindergarden:child and career development center,
KL by celcom which what i can recall from my memory,
i didnt meet other races accept for my neighbours which i was
living at bukit antarabangsa;chinese and 
uncle sells bread;indian at that age

2.  entered Sekolah Datuk Keramat 2 for year 1997,1998 and half of 1999; malay only

3.entered Sekolah Kebangsaan Ampang for year half of 1999 until 2003;
i met How Ken Lee,my competiter;one chinese girl;two to three indians i cant recall.

3.sucessfully entered MJSC Terendak from year 2004-2008;i met Ellen,kanchana,stephanie,
loghinee,chu er,renuka,thiviya,shangari and others (malas nak type)

4.then entered uitm shah alam as dip.which they say
for malay only.

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Ellen said...

haha!!! hus tat nice lady~
i love ur blog babe mind those broken english