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its like a ticking bomb!

while i mbuang air besar td
i'm thinking of what happen of  my days
actually what will happen

1.    if i being a housewife,i dont earn any money and
got jealous with other people but
i'll be enjoy my day with my children,
watching every minute of their learning(accept at school)
...but then,maybe even after they puberty
they willstart demands more,like going out,
buy things on their own even drive on their own...
my husband that i take care of him all of my days too,
get bored of me and drive on his own road
and i continue alone :(

2. if being a loyal worker,(random work),i'll get less of time with my children
my time with my husband will be lesser plus if he off to
outstation works but i got my money and my own assets
but then;if i get older;all my asset have been used
for my medical
and maybe if my husband have to pay
his debts and my children my money
and all of them got what ever they want and left me alone :(

oke thats called scared of marriange

the problem that mr.z owes me start these days are:

1.he cant make it on my birthday that may happen any days from now

2. watch and learn as he comment one of my GIRL friend page
which is SLIMMER than me.
and i cant say anything but
remain silent from him and
he have to learn from it
u know what mr. ,
i think u should find other
BETTER  for this case.

i know that you may think i'm controling him
but a person like him that not really like to mix with girls!!!
should that be weird to find him in any girl's page which he 
dont even know who they are actually ?
a guy still a guy who love to cheat girls :/

latest discover :(

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