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currently in JB
having real holiday
ofcoz with my beloved mom n siblings

juz discovered
something that intresting

did yo now TUNE TALK
i mean  the one that offered
prepaid and postpaid???

now not just that
they offered
funny ryte
but this hotels
offered five stars bedrooms
at one star price
which mean
at lowest price
could you imagine

i'm having a great day here as
the tune hotels
save our budget :DDD

for your information
had open their chains
all over Malaysia,
2 at Bali,Indonesia and
one in London!
yeahhh..i mean crazy cool huh?

to get the lowest price
all you need is
to plan your holiday properly
and booked the hotel
just like
how did you booked airplane tickets
and pay through credit card
awesome isnt it?

*this is bcoz that they depends on demand to place the high price,
which mean fluctuate price
so take advantage on the lowest to save the journey expenses*

+anyway if the demand high it would be that much cost anyway :)+

i also recemonde to the advertiser
to advertise in this hotel!
 yeah i mean my words
bcoz in every angle in this hotel
include their rooms,coridor,doors even toilet!
there's advertistments,

it is really works to put delicious food in front the bed
and the guest would craves over it haha!!!

*i'm currently used free internet computers at the lobby*

*other pix during holiday would be updates as soon as i get home*

+just discovered that they have related with air asia,i was like WOW!

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lady mermalade said...

hey nice gilaaaa la room dye! how much babe per night?