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Triple advantage ;)

At the end of the month,
usually my mood swings
so it's quiet normal when i wake up 
with anger n frustrated 
or feel hatred :(

anyway the day was delight-fully
as my the spirit of home comes

1st incident:

my sister complaint that she 
lacks of Baju Kurung for her class session
and it reminds me my previous collections 

in the moment of searching she also complaint about
she didnt have any handbag

then my mom throw out from her cupboard
her old collections of 
baju kurungs and handbags!!!(^^,)

thus the joy of not
spending any money but get
the parallel to the nowadays trend

2nd incident

celebrating uncle burhan's birthday
 x sbr nk mkn eyh?
 ade interfear lak kat blakang :)

the birthday guy n his wife;p
oke jgn terkam ahahahaa

and the end of the day 
turns to be the girls day out 
with my aunt,mum,and siblings
 hutan kain!!

3rd incident

uncle burhan pass over his old technology 
collection which it is oldCOOL

mobile radio eon tech
mobile radio sony
then as we home
as usual we found this
ahahha..takot ko tekeras!


having such a busy day.

1-goin' to hulu langat to get a measurement for 
baju kurung raya..huhuhu..

2-after sending my sister to lrt for tuition
i'll take my brother to playground to get sweat

3-goin to book store to buy AFTAS nametags,
muet exercise book and luna colour

4-goin to supermarket to find ingridients
for the main menu of the day
 xde kne mengene

5-having a pre-dinner at canoobre restaurant
urmmm...their cakes so lovely and tempting
their curry mee is hard to find...sooooo asli!
their cendol also great!!
and coffee very the KAWWW!!
so delicious!!
(this kid is not in mood in eating but after
taste it once he love it!)

6-cook the feveret LAKSA JOHOR!!!

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